The Blue Pig Tavern at Congress Hall

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The Blue Pig Tavern at Congress Hall Bars & Clubs | Cape May, New Jersey, 08204 | Reviews, Local Offers

The Blue Pig Tavern at Congress Hall

251 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204

Average Review: 4 Star Rating: Good

Phone: (609) 884-8422

Wifi Access: No

Categories: Bars & Clubs

Price: $$$$

Website: http://www.congresshall.com/content/bluepigtavern.html

Listing Information:

Whether a guest of Congress Hall, a neighboring hotel or a Cape May native, all are welcome for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the distinctive dining rooms of the Blue Pig Tavern.

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Location & Hours:

251 Beach Ave
Cape May, New Jersey, 08204
(609) 884-8422

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The Blue Pig Tavern at Congress Hall Reviews

  • by Mr. Gantz on 07/17/2017
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • One of the best meals we had in years. It's rare when the perfect mix of food quality, portion size, and plating aesthetics exceeds expectation for everything that was brought to our table. As a harsh restaurant critic, I give this meal a 10 out of 10. We ordered the seared scallops as an appetizer, then the New York strip (cooked perfectly) with crab cakes and the Ratatouille for the entrees. For dessert an apple pie and peach upside-down cake. I would wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant and meal. Thank you for a great evening Blue Pig Tavern.
  • by Brittany Tingler on 12/17/2017
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • The food is great, the atmosphere is great, but the blonde girl that works in the front is rude horrible. We stayed here for two days and both days when we got breakfast she was weird and rude. We asked to sit by the fire because it’s FREEZING and she was sitting us at a table completely he opposite side of the room, so we asked well can we sit at this empty table closer to the fire, she rolled her eyes and was like “yeah” ... like really lol should probably get a better person to first greet people because it was a bad first impression.
  • by Michael Cancienne on 06/21/2017
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • The old architecture combined with a modern flare makes for an atmosphere that is the perfect blend of Victorian and Americana. The service was prompt and cordial. The food was a little pricey, but was certainly worth the cost when it comes to taste. There is also the added bonus that some of the ingredients are sourced fresh from a local farm. I would highly recommend checking out the Blue Pig if you are in the area.
  • by Robert Eberhart on 10/03/2017
  • Rating:3 Star Rating: Average
  • Ehhh. The food was ok. It was not good enough to overcome the noise level. It was way too loud to have a conversation without yelling across the table. I find that with so many options in Cape May that have great food, one might simply come here for a drink or two before finding a better restaurant elsewhere.
  • by Laurie Brennan on 08/08/2017
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • Very disappointing. My steak was medium and definately nowhere near rare. Aside from that, the steak just wasn't very good at all and the veggies weren't even cooked the entire way. Just very disappointed especially for the price. Also they sat us alone inside in a scrappy area. I originally thought it was because we had kids but then we saw numerous others w kids get seated elsewhere. They didn't even ask us if we wanted to sit inside, they just stuck us there, right in front of the kitchen.

  • by Dennis B. on 01/01/2018 For not being a major hotel chain they do a very nice job.......but it is about location, location and yes location. They have it. I felt this could be...

  • by aaomccarthy on 07/08/2007
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • French onion soup with gruyère is about my favorite thing in the world. Then they go and have an entree...

  • By Richard on 06/11/2017 Excellent service and the food is very good. Of course the old school charm of Congress Hall makes this a great place for a meal. Monkfish was great.
  • By Ally on 08/27/2015 A must have for breakfast, get the "presidential" with the waffles with fruit on it. Great hot coffee with endless refills. Cutest place. Come for lunch too. Diner is overpriced. Blue pigs everywhere!
  • By Amanda on 06/22/2016 The place was slammed but we got seated inside right away. The service was great and the food phenomenal. I had the Scottish Salmon and I would recommend!
  • By Adriane on 07/22/2014 We walked right in & were seated at 7 PM. Contrary to other tips here, the service wasn't slow- Iulia was a great server! Try the meatloaf and the swordfish.
  • By Michael on 08/26/2011 Both service and food can be hit or miss - even during the same meal! Good: pancakes, eggs ben., French onion soup, fish n chips, convenience. Not good: Caesar salad, steak frites (for the $), service
  • By Carl on 08/06/2014 Eggs Blackstone for breakfast! Better than the benedict. Great place for breakfast. Spicy Marias were great too
  • By Ed on 07/21/2016 If they offer it when you're here, get the Zucchini Fritters off the appetizer menu. Amazing.
  • By Chris on 08/22/2017 FWIW, we called ahead to make sure that they could accommodate a gluten allergy, which they assured us they could. Different story when we actually arrived.
  • By Daniel on 06/20/2013 The Bloody Caesar (Bloody Mary with clam juice) and crabmeat omelette are amazing. Recommended!
  • By Mary on 08/13/2012 Sat outside for the first time. Lovely! Food delicious service not great but overall a good dining experience
  • By todd a on 08/17/2015 We didn't stay here just went for dinner. Ery good food and kid friendly. Martinis also!
  • By Michella on 08/30/2014 Salmon w/ plum tomatoes & quinoa best! Plus scallops app. Best ever served on something really good
  • By Tom on 09/01/2017 Chesapeake Bay Seaside Omelette for breakfast. Seafood Angel Hair for dinner.
  • By Robin on 10/02/2013 Smoothies, Malted Waffles, Pigs in a Blanket & Eggs Benedict are all amazing for Breakfast
  • By Anthony on 07/23/2010 Great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try the crab cake sandwich at lunch and the scallops at dinner. Blue Pig Ale is a must.
  • By Jonathan on 07/05/2014 Trust me, get the Eggs Benedict on a cheddar scallion biscuit!
  • By Anthony on 03/20/2013 Drink lots of water, there's more salt in some of the dishes than in the ocean 2 blocks away...
  • By Roxanne on 07/09/2016 Angel hair seafood pasta should be your order :)
  • By Fran on 08/06/2013 I love the patio seating in summer, especially for breakfast.
  • By Kirk on 07/06/2013 New air conditioned enclosed porch is a welcome addition on blistering hit days.
  • By Kelly on 07/02/2015 Great breakfast food! Delicious juices and smoothies
  • By Marlene on 12/05/2014 Great veggie wrap. Substitute the fries if you care to
  • By Sue on 07/18/2013 beach plum farm omelet is the best! love the new glass window porch
  • By Julie on 07/09/2014 Got seated right away, waited 15 mins and never had a server come to our table. I went back to the hostess and she said she'd send someone over right away. Waited another 5 mins and then we left.
  • By Lisa on 04/14/2016 Service is awesome. Atmosphere fantastic
  • By David Eric on 01/15/2012 Might be a tad slow on the food getting to the table side of things, but wait staff are polite and smile a lot! Gourmet it's not.
  • By Kenny on 12/08/2012 Chips that come with the guacamole is insanely good.
  • By Keith on 09/06/2014 Everything but the pulled pork. Still pretty good.
  • By Josh on 01/02/2012 The fruit "cup" is a great tasting, bowl-sized treat. Try it out!
  • By Arturo on 07/28/2013 very pleasant dining. great food.
  • By Doreen on 09/12/2013 Truly our favorite place in cape may. ....
  • By DrinkNJShore on 07/13/2011 Drink historically here and stop in for the live music they have occasionally!
  • By Angela on 07/09/2014 Impossible to get service. Sat for 20 minutes then asked the hostess to send someone over and she said right away. They never came. They weren't even busy. I got up and left that's just ridiculous.
  • By Fred on 03/16/2013 Great food and wine by the fire on a cold March evening. F
  • By Lynsie on 04/09/2013 The scallop app was amazing!
  • By kate on 06/03/2014 Arnold Palmer with mint FOR THE WIN!
  • By Jason on 04/15/2011 great breakfast right on site of the congress hall hotel
  • By Dave on 06/10/2015 Great eggs and great history
  • By Whelan on 08/21/2013 Delicious NE clam chowder. Bacony
  • By Kenny on 12/17/2011 Great vegetable lasagna.
  • By Timothy on 07/10/2013 Seated quickly, good food, but the soup was cold and service a bit slow.
  • By Joe on 11/08/2014 Burgers and Bolognese
  • By R on 04/16/2015 Best service in town!
  • By Sarah on 04/13/2014 Sssllllllloooooowwwwww service. Nice people, but really slow.
  • By Grigore on 08/08/2014 Bloody mary!
  • By Eileen on 07/19/2013 I'm back in the USSR! Slow inattentive service. Food is adequate at best. Touristy.
  • By Emily on 07/06/2016 Deviled Eggs
  • By Nancy on 09/21/2011 Slow Breakfast service. Can't get a coffee refill!
  • By Diane on 04/22/2012 Great place for drinks
  • By Betsi on 07/15/2011 Great dinner outside!
  • By Andrew on 09/03/2011 Longest wait for food after ordering EVER!
  • By Ryan on 09/03/2011 Longest wait ever for food. Not that great either.
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