Willow Creek Winery

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Willow Creek Winery Events & Activities | West Cape May, New Jersey, 08204 | Reviews, Local Offers

Willow Creek Winery

168 Stevens St, West Cape May, NJ 08204

Average Review: 4 Star Rating: Good

Phone: (609) 770-8782

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Website: http://www.willowcreekwinerycapemay.com

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168 Stevens St
West Cape May, New Jersey, 08204
(609) 770-8782

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Willow Creek Winery Reviews

  • by RUMSON PERSONAL FITNESS on 12/04/2017
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • The atmosphere is beautiful; large vineyard barn with tasting bar, tables and lounge couches. The wines are only average, and the service part good, part unwelcoming. My husband and I visited this winery twice. The first time, we popped in mid afternoon during our fun bike ride, exploring Cape May. We were greeted by a rude older woman who was reluctant to let us be seated in the ABSOLUTELY EMPTY establishment. Kinda killed the vibe of the place. We were allowed to go to the tasting bar, where the bartenders were great . We decided to buy a bottle of wine and sat on a lounge couch thinking we could relax, drink their wine and have an app; mind you place was still empty. The same older hostess overreacted in an anxious manner and said couches have to be reserved, but let us stay briefly when we reassured we weren't going to be there long. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. We chose to go back a second time on our next visit to CM. I called to reserve a couch, like she instructed, and was told we don't take reservations for those. So I proceeded to make a table reservation anyway, just in case the couches were full when we arrived. The large room had only a few tables sat. They put us at a small cocktail sized table by the door. We asked if we could dine at one of the couches and the same rude, older woman said they were reserved. I asked her why one time I was told to reserve, then the next told I didn't to reserve when I had just called. She shrugged and walked away. We ate our whole meal at a 24 inch round table, staring at at least 20 vacant, normal sized tables and left before another soul walked through their door. They're just dropping the ball on creating a cool place that people want to be. It's a shame. They should loosen up and make the place more relaxed and comfortable and get their reservation system straightened out, because they have no clue how to treat their guests. And if that hostess is still there, she needs to be taught basic manners, be fired/retired or just stay in back. No one wants to deal with a cranky ol' bitty who could give two craps when they're trying to have an enjoyable night out.
  • by Katie Dilks on 11/19/2017
  • Rating:2 Star Rating: Below Average
  • Good food.great wine. Horrible customer service from the counter girl (won't even call her bar tender) in the outside enclosed area. Sat down with 2 of my friends on a Saturday evening (21&24). Got carded by an older woman, which is fine we all look like babies. She handed us the menus and walked away, second younger woman walks up and asks for our IDs again, we hand them to her as the older woman walks up and informs her that we were already carded. She ignores her coworker and scans them over anyway. Other than being carded TWICE we got 0 acknowledgement, counter girl (Kate) was rude and asked for my debit card for a tab (normal procedure I get it) BUT did so in the middle of me telling her what I would like to order (interrupted me). Im a 21 year old bar tender/full time college student and I have more manners and grace than that woman. She proceeded to walk around the bar and greet everyone else accordingly, go over the menu and chat with them. We ordered two brisket meals and a bottle of wine and tipped above 20%.
  • by Gary Castorino on 11/19/2017
  • Rating:2 Star Rating: Below Average
  • Beautiful property, great bars and awesome atmosphere. Tried 7 different wines, only the Wilde cock was good, everyone around us felt the same way. We sat the bar for over 20 minutes before being recognized (2 bar tenders, maybe 20 people max at the bar). Our bar tender disappeared for 5-10mins so we placed a food order with the other bar tender after a long wait. 20 minutes later our original bar tender came back to us and said she was ready to take our food order. We told her we ordered food 20 mins ago after a long wait. She said she wanted the food on her tab so the order was never submitted. We really wanted to like this place because it was so nice but the service is horrible. I read 5-6 other very poor reviews about the service (I’m sure there’s way more). I am really surprised to see some of these reviews regarding the poor service are months old and the same poor service still exists. I can’t help but wonder if management is just ignoring the reviews and not seeing an issue? Best of luck to this place as they have a great atmosphere but really need to either work on or change their staff. It is a shame such a great place is receiving such poor reviews all due to service issues.
  • by Devon H on 01/01/2018
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • Wine is not consistent. Staff are hilariously pretentious. Great venue! Priorities are obviously not in the wine business. Should note, I’ve been 4 times over a year but have yet to see improvement.
  • by Bret Dunlap on 09/04/2017
  • Rating:1 Star Rating: Poor
  • It takes a lot for me to write a negative review, but I feel compelled to let the owner know of our experience. My wife and I stopped by on a whim on a beautiful Sunday (9/3) afternoon to experience their wines. We were told that the wait for wine tasting was 30 minutes (which surprised us as the wine tasting bar area didn't look crowded) so we then headed to the outdoor bar to order drinks. The setting was fabulous with the granite counter-top and view of the vineyard, however, the service was dreadful. I think both bar tenders were stoned, as my wife and I literally waited 25 minutes at the bar trying to get their attention and they simply ignored us. Neither of the two bar tenders were busy but they, for some strange reason, would not even acknowledge our presence. When we finally gave up and walked away the one bar tender said something and I wanted to give him the finger (but I didn't). HORRIBLE service at the outdoor bar area. Both bar tenders should be fired in my opinion. I couldn't try to provide worse service than they did.

  • by Barbara S. on 01/02/2018 This place was hard to find when following the phone's GPS. It took us to a back road and a field with no roads. When we finally got our ish together and...

  • By Rosemary on 01/09/2014 Willow's employees are very informative and friendly. The wines are some of the best in NJ & the sangria is always a hit. With summertime, comes sangria slushies and with winter, firepit Friday's :)
  • By John on 07/16/2013 $10 for 5 samples , $15 for full menu well worth it . Well worth the drive back through the vineyard it's beautiful :)
  • By Jessica on 03/02/2013 Brian is awesome! Knowledgable, entertaining and personable! We had so much fun. Definitely will be coming back. The wine was great! Recommend the 2010 Merlot!
  • By Malick on 09/09/2017 What an absolutely beautiful place. The wine flights are generous and the food is outstanding. Almost everything is fresh from local farms.
  • By Rosemary on 04/09/2014 I love, loVE, LOVE the people who work here! The 2012 Merlot is insanely good. The vineyard is the most beautiful in all of south jersey.
  • By David on 06/26/2015 Good wines, but even better staff. Make sure take the tour and do your tasting with whoever took you on the tour.
  • By Ryan on 07/05/2015 Fun Friday night, though the fire pit isn't set up all that well to feel the heat. Hard working waitress didn't know anything about the wine, but it worked out OK.
  • By Kelly on 08/25/2013 Very informative tour, delicious wines, and a great atmosphere. An unbelieveable time! Kate, Brian, and Shannon were fantastic!
  • By todd a on 08/18/2014 Great wine and u can sit outside by the grapes and have a cheese platter or other food.
  • By Ed on 12/30/2015 Beautiful property and tasting room. All wines tasted were very good and the servings generous.
  • By Robert on 06/21/2016 Get the sangria. Low levels of dry wines. This is an excellent venue for your next event.
  • By Jessica on 09/27/2014 The outdoor patio is a wonderful place to drink some white wine in the summer.
  • By Ryan on 08/02/2015 Gorgeous location. Winery is a little young to produce top level wine.
  • By Ashley on 01/18/2014 The sangria comes in awesome growlers and the '12 Pinot noir is to die
  • By Adele on 06/29/2013 Beautiful building, but make a reservation even for a tasting or be prepared to wait.... and wait...
  • By Brooks on 07/28/2013 The place is pretty but the wine is horrendous. That's me being nice. So many wineries in cape may area. Highly advise going to other ones.
  • By Michelle on 01/11/2014 The wine was wonderful as was Rosie! What a fantastic wine tender!
  • By Amanda on 08/02/2013 Brian was the best tour guide! Educational and a way better experience than anticipated!
  • By Elizabeth on 03/13/2013 #jerseylove fresh jersey eggs and jersey wine #jerseystrong
  • By Rosemary on 10/10/2013 Pumpkin wine coming soon! I can't wait :)
  • By Monica on 08/09/2014 Hospitality and wine were wonderful!
  • By Beth on 08/03/2013 Awesome sangria!
  • By Danielle on 04/07/2015 Try the Wilde Cock
  • By Jason on 02/08/2013 Great sangria!
  • By Bob on 06/16/2015 Great sangria
  • By Beverly on 09/15/2016 Too fancy for me. I guess we went a little to late. They were impatient so we left
  • By Willow on 03/18/2012 Pinot noir available soon!
  • By Joanne on 07/16/2013 Tastings expensive! Out of some. Growlers small and pricey.
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